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Monte Carlo or Bust Rally: Black Forest Gateau 2019 - a banger rally to remember!

Updated: Oct 15, 2019

85 teams - another sell-out event!

In June 2019, over 80 cars took part in the Monte Carlo or Bust Rally: Black Forest Gateau 2019 event. We had Pamela Anderson, Maverick & Goose, The Queen, Noddy & Big Ears and many more driving limos, Jags, Mercs, KAs and even a London taxi with a worryingly high mileage! This banger rally starting in Namur, Belgium they drove over 1200 miles through Luxembourg, France, Germany, Switzerland, Italy and Monaco completing challenges such as dancing tangos, high-fiving chefs, face-painting, riding broomsticks, collecting inflatables and other silly challenges! Over £50,000 was raised for a variety of good causes and many great memories and friendships made in our rust-bucket romp across Europe. Check out the highlights below:

Roll of honour:

Champions: Bills Madagascan Divas

Runners-up: Mexigos

Best Dressed Car: Ghostbusters

Best Dressed Team: Stealth/ Noddy & Bigears

Best Team Spirit: Batjag

Amazing cars

Once again there were some amazing cars on display. Here's a few of our favorites:

Team Baywatch

Is it the best banger rally? It's certainly up there - here's why:

  1. Founded in 2014, it's sold out every year since in started

  2. It's got loads of 5-star reviews on Facebook

  3. It's been featured in The Sunday Times

  4. Over 50% of teams each year are repeat offenders!

Fancy giving it a go?! Find out more at

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