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Bust Rallies are the ultimate banger rally adventures that challenge you to drive some of Europe’s most spectacular roads in an unspectacular car  

What is a banger rally?

With no set routes, speed, or clocks to race against, it’s not about how fast you can cross the finish line. Rather, it’s about fun challenges, adventure, camaraderie, fancy dress and accomplishing something as unique as you are.  All cars are welcome - but you'll receive more starting grid points the older and smaller your engine size!

Bust Rallies provide the ideal setting for a fun weekend, celebration or fundraising for your favourite charity.  You do not need a reason to take part – just a minimum of 2 drivers, appropriate insurance, a car and some sense of direction

(very little in many cases!).



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Amazing cars, fancy dress themes, team challenges and guidance to incredible sights and locations mean you'll cross the finish line with more unforgettable experiences and friends than when you started

When you sign-up you'll receive your Pre-Rally Bible that contains everything you'll need to prepare for the event - as well as how to source and decorate your car.  Each team will have a Rally Bible during the event that contains routes, meeting points and lots of other useful information.  

You'll be asked to register the night before the rally and teams are brought together each morning and evening of the event to check-in, receive briefings and challenge sheets.  The Bust Rallies crew will be on hand throughout to provide you with any support you may need.  On the final evening there's a finishers party and an awards presentation . 


Following the rally you may choose to get your banger crushed and head home by other means.  Or perhaps you’ll add a couple of days to your stay allowing you to kick back and relax. The bravest of the brave may opt to throw caution to the wind and drive their trusty steed back home!   

What you'll need to take part

You don't need to already have your car in order to register

- A car *
- Valid MOT certificate
- Car tax and Insurance
- Original V5 certificate in participant’s name
- GB sticker
- A minimum of 2 drivers per team
- All team members must be over 21
- All team members must have a valid passport
- A satnav or a map of Europe
- All drivers must have valid driving licences


*Cars costing over £500 can still take part – but we give bonus points to genuine bangers!

What you'll get for signing-up

When you sign-up you'll receive your Pre-Rally Bible in your confirmation email.  You'll also be sent a welcome pack in the post. 

- 1000+ miles of driving adventure
- Spectacular routes & places of interest
- Daily challenges* & prizes
- Fun themes & fancy dress*
- Discounted hotels & ferry crossings
- Guidance on sourcing & preparing your vehicle
- Hints, tips & advice to make the most of your experience
- Rally support crew throughout the event
- Daily check-points & evening Rally Rendezvous meets
- Final night ceremony & party
- Car livery stickers
- Team wristbands
- Finisher medals
- Trophies & cash prizes for winners



Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a banger rally?
    A banger rally is a rally in a low value car on public roads. Many of the teams taking part are raising money for charity. Events involve driving through various locations in Europe undertaking challenges. Partcipants usually decorate their car with stickers of sponsors or customise to a theme from popular culture.
  • Do we need to have a car before we register?
    No. We will need to see the V5 at the registration on the Thursday evening – so make sure you leave enough time for the DVLA to get the paperwork to you. This usually takes around 4 weeks to receive the paperwork.
  • Where do we go to?
    Europe’s ultimate banger rally adventure will take you via some of Europe’s greatest roads and cities. Each event is different and locations can change from year. Please check the individual routes the locations we will visit this year.
  • How much does it cost to enter?
    Please check out the individual route page for the cost of entry.
  • Where can I buy a car for under £500?
    There are plenty of cars on Ebay, Gumtree and Autotrader. We’ll also help by posting some of our own selections on our social media pages in the build-up to the event.
  • Where do we stay?
    We’ll provide you with lots of recommendations of hostels, hotels and camp sites – many with additional discounts. In our experience, the earlier you book these, the cheaper they will be.
  • Do we get a team number?
    You can use any number you like on your car.
  • Will we have to sign a liability waiver?
    Yes, all team members will have to sign a liability waiver and agree to the rules of the rally.
  • How do we dress and decorate our car?
    We take fancy dress very seriously. The more original the better! Each day is a themed event and we’ll provide you with details of this before the rally. We offer cash prizes for Best Dressed Car and Best Dressed Team.
  • How much driving is there each day?
    It depends on the route you take and the speed of travel but usually it is anything between 2 and 6 hours. We appreciate you do not want to spend all day in the car – so many of our challenges get you out of your banger and exploring the great locations we visit.
  • Is there any break down support during the rally?
    Our tool kit is made up of a hammer and duct tape. If that’s all that is needed – then we can supply it. Otherwise there is no mechanical support from the organisers in order to comply with the law and your insurance policy. We will always have enough space to pick up any stranded teams and get them to the next check-in point – plus other teams are usually happy to give lifts. Once you sign up we’ll provide you with details of where to find cheap break down cover.
  • Do we have to scrap our car at the end of the event?
    Certainly not! Many teams choose to drive their new pride and joy back home. If you do choose to get your car crushed, we’ll provide you with the details of the scrap centres close to the finish line.
  • Can we get insurance cover for the rally?
    Yes. Some standard insurers will cover you third party for your participation – or there are companies that provide specialist banger rally cover. We’ll provide you with full details in your Pre-Rally Bible.
  • Can I still take part if I don't have a driving licence?
    A minimum of two insured drivers are required in each team – in order to share the driving. Non-drivers are welcome in addition to the two required drivers.
  • Can we bring our children?
    Sorry no - we only welcome over 21s. Get a babysitter and enjoy a well-deserved break from parenting.
  • Can we bring our dog?
    Sorry no - we only welcome only humans. Get the dog in kennels and send him a postcard.
  • How long does the rally last?
    Each rally is different so please check the individual route page for details. For all rallies you'll need to register on evening before the start. Registration is usually between 19:00-00:00.
  • What kit do we need to take?
    We provide full lists of Must-Haves, Nice-To-Haves, and Don’t-Need-But-Might-Wants ahead of the event and the cheapest places to get them from.
  • Do we have to fundraise?
    No. A percentage of your entry fee will be donated to our annual charity.
  • Do we have to take part in the challenges?
    No. If you want to sneak off and see some different sites, take a de-tour and visit friends or just head back to bed for a couple of hours – it is fine by us. All you need to do is make it to check-in each morning and evening.
  • Will I have probems crossing borders if do not have a British passport?
    You’ll need to check this with your local Embassy as the rules are applied differently for each country.
  • What prizes can we win?
    Each day we give away cash and other special prizes. On the final evening we carry out a special trophy presentation.
  • Can we cancel our place?
    If you're unable to make the event we offer the opportunity for you to transfer your place to another rally in the same year or the following year. Once informed of your cancellation, we'll issue you with a voucher code that will allow you to book on to another event. We are not able to offer refunds. As our events regularly sell-out – there’s often willing buyers to be found via our social media pages.
  • Can we add an extra person to our team after signing-up?
    Yes, you can add extra people to your team after signing-up. The cost of additional places is £40 per person. To add a new team member, please email us at
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