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Inverness or Bust 2021: Coronavirus fightback! Bringing the banger rally back to Scotland!

Updated: Jan 9, 2022

In September 2021 we held our first rally for 2 years with the welcome return of Inverness or Bust: Loch Ness Monster. We painted the town red in York for registration with priests, Hawaiian shirts...and some guy in a pair of stockings.

40 teams assembled at the start line the next morning including Del Boy and Rodney, the cast of Jurrasic Park, The Inbetweeners...and that guy in his stockings again. Team and group photos taken, there was just enough time to watch Flop Guns pilot split his trousers before our cars crossed the start line. Disaster struck early as the unlucky Celica (which had ironically driven from Scotland the day before) only made it half a mile down the road before having to return and drop out of the rally.

Teams navigated the Lake District during the morning whilst boiling eggs, stealing golf tees and collecting conkers as part of the daily challenges. An awesome pit-stop at the top of Kirkstone Pass was slightly dampened by the weather before exchanging vows at Gretna Green. The day wrapped up in the shadow of Stirling Castle - in an Australian bar, obviously. Where's Wally and the hearse of Mac the Bone both fared well - but we lost the Bush Whackers and Smokey & The Bandit spent most of the day getting rescued by Luigi.

The day two start line was hosted by Stirling Rugby Club in the shadow of the Wallace Monument . Teams dressed for Christmas and Team Not too fast, mildly furious must have been feeling generous - as they made the school boy error of inviting teams to pen message of support on their car. Unfortunately, in true Bust Rallies style, best wishes quickly became "English Rule For Scotland".

A sharp exit was made and teams heading around the stunning Loch Lomond. Photo challenges included the Glenfinnan Viaduct from the Harry Potter movies and some fun tossing the caber. A few curve balls just for fun included a trip on the Corran ferry.

As usual we will blown away by the scenery of Glen Coe and the wind at Ben Nevis! A couple of pit stops including waterfalls and a whiskey distillery before teams reached Loch Ness and finally got their first view of Nessie. After photos and autographs it was back on the road for a short dash to Inverness, where we finished under the castle.

The evening finished with presentations to our prize winners, live music and dancing....and a portion of chips topped with grated haggis!

Thank you to everyone that took part - it was great to be back!

Roll of honour:

Champions: Mac The Bone

Runners-up: The Island Job & The Devon Boys

Some other highlights from the weekend:

Is it your turn to take a banger to find Nessie?!

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